Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Here are a few that often come up when discussing sod purchasing and installation.

-Instant Curb appeal – Your neighbors will be envious!
-Creates an instant relaxation and recreational area.
-Immediate erosion control.
-Eliminates dust and mud.
-Eliminates weed control during establishment.
-Can be established year-round.
-Can be used for total installation or repair of smaller areas.

“They” say you can seed it 3 times or you could have installed sod once. If you decide to seed- it is best to seed in the Fall. Brookmeade sells the seed we use to grow our Fescue. Seeding in the Spring will give you false hope – it will come up – but then burn up in the summer.

Huge differences – Fescue is a cool season grass, sold all year but does best in the fall and spring. There is netting in the Fescue, and it is a little bit more shade tolerant. Zoysia is a warm season grass and only sold in late spring -thru early fall, all depending on temperatures. Zoysia loves the heat, drought tolerant, disease resistant, less maintenance, and does not like the shade! Lush green grass – it will spread when growing. Zoysia will choke out weeds, wire grass and other growth.

No, and we do not recommend. It is expensive and very temperamental.

Fescue is best planted in the fall, winter and early spring – it is not recommended June – August. Fescue will root above 32°. On the other hand, Zoysia is only harvested and installed in the summer months. Zoysia is a warm season – sun loving grass. Zoysia is available late spring, after the last frost. It all depends on Mother Nature.

Yes – a guide is available to help with all the details of preparation, installation, mowing and care long after you have your lawn. Call the office and request a guide.

Yes, our experienced staff will install to your prepared grade. Preparation includes clearing the area for good soil to soil contact. It is recommended that you put down lime and starter fertilizer prior to installation.

Yes, we do. The cost of delivery depends on how much we are delivering and how far we need to travel.

Call 883-6338 for details.

We are open year-round, weather permitting. Turf Type Tall Fescue does best when installing in September. Zoysia’s season starts sometime in the spring and ends October 1st.

-Measure Your Area and square off the area best you can
-Schedule Sod for Pick Up or Delivery
-Pay over the phone or in-person
-Install Sod on the same day it’s delivered
-Follow our Care Guide
-Water thoroughly after installation and continue the watering regiment for 2 weeks. Once rooted the Sod will require 1.5 inches of water each week. It is recommended to water 3/4 inch each time.

-All established lawns need 1.5 inches per week. A rain gauge is a great investment – Mother Nature may help with watering!

Yes, you have to pre-order. We require 1 days’ notice for harvesting. Brookmeade does not pre-cut sod, we only harvest to order.

1 square yard. Brookmeade cuts sod FRESH DAILY. We only cut what is pre-ordered. Call with measurements of your area and we will tell you how many square yards are needed to cover it.

It all depends on your vehicle; each roll of Fescue weighs approximately 40lbs, a full pallet of Fescue weighs approximately 3000 lbs. One yard of Zoysia weighs up to 45 lbs., a pallet weighing in at around 2250 lbs. Note: if we have had rain – the sod will weigh more!

75 square yards (or rolls) is a full pallet of Fescue, 50 square yards (or rolls) of Zoysia is a full pallet.

It depends on the temperature! Extreme heat is hard on the grass. The sod is cut in square yards (16 inches x 81 inches) that are rolled up to the size of a large cinder block and heat builds up in the roll. It is recommended that the sod be put back in the ground as soon as possible and watered thoroughly. In the winter there is a longer “shelf” life between harvesting and installation. Although it is also important not to let sod freeze on the pallet. Best to install as soon as possible.

No. Some homeowners will do their yard in sections, starting at the furthest point out. Newly installed sod should not be walked on immediately. There is a lot of lifting and bending and some choose to do this out over several weekends. Others have the sod delivered and invite friends over for a sod laying party.

You can – but it is NOT recommended. Sod requires 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. Tree roots compete with the grass for water and nutrients and the trees will win with its bigger roots. It is recommended to install sod pass the drip line – where the branches reach out.